Experience in City Matters is Focus of Long's Campaign

Mayor Alan Long (center) and other city officials were at the center of a national debate over immigration issues this summer. Many M...

Mayor Alan Long (center) and other city officials were at the center of a national debate over immigration issues this summer.

Many Murrieta residents will identify Mayor Alan Long with his handling of national media attention during the planned arrival of undocumented immigrants in the city in July. Defending the rights of Murrieta residents during a time of federal action regarding the local border patrol station, Long asserted his leadership abilities.

But those who have followed Murrieta politics and community activities over the years know that Long has been an integral part of the city well before this summer.

Long, 44, has lived in Murrieta for most of his life. A Fire Battalion Chief by profession, Long and his wife Lisa are raising the fourth generation of Longs to live in the city. Showing an interest in the future of his city since the first talk of incorporation, Long has played an integral role in the formation of city policies and has served on the city council since 2010.

He is one of nine candidates competing for three open seats on the city council in the November election.

"My campaign focuses on proven leadership," said Long, who has served on sub-committees regarding public safety, emergency medical services environment, infrastructure and trails. "I've grown up here and I've watched the city from its beginnings to what it is today.

"Murrieta remains one of the safest cities in the nation, and public safety has always remained a priority with me. Working on this priority, we have helped emergency responders decrease response time by two minutes. We're about to commission a paramedicine program, the first in Riverside County."

Using his background in emergency services, Long has worked with police and fire officials on a program in which emergency responders will follow up on emergency cases by checking on patients at home after their release from the hospital.

In addition, Long has played a key role in the negotiations to bring a Kaiser Permanente health facility to Murrieta, just to the north of the Loma Linda facility.

"In developing the city's general plan, we held meetings in every corner of the city to find out what the residents wanted. Then we zoned property accordingly," Long said. "We identified tech corridors with environmental studies ahead of time. We saved a year to 18 months of red tape in the medical tech corridor."

Long said city officials have secured more than 500 acres of open space in the city and have doubled the amount of open trail space. At the same time, he has played in role in attracting three hotels that are coming to Murrieta.

"We need to do more with what we have, which is using some of the best resources available in Southern California," he said. "We need to think regionally. In our area we have the Santa Rosa Plateau, Lake Skinner ... we have wine country in unincorporated areas. We should be marketing that."


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