Ingram Bases Council Campaign on Efficient Development

Jonathan Ingram moved to Murrieta three years ago in semi-retirement to enjoy the quality of life here. With his wife Melody, two daughte...

Jonathan Ingram moved to Murrieta three years ago in semi-retirement to enjoy the quality of life here. With his wife Melody, two daughters and one grandchild, he plans to stay.

He is hoping his family members and future generations do the same. For that reason, Ingram is trying to do his part to make Murrieta a better place.

"I don't want my children to move out of state," said Ingram. "I want them to live and experience Murrieta -- not Texas or Colorado."

Ingram, 49, is one of nine candidates for three open seats on the Murrieta City Council this November. He is basing his campaign platform on responsible growth and a reduction of the bureaucracy he says is affecting the fiscal health of the city.

Formerly a property development manager and currently the owner of a small consulting business, Ingram is running for public office for the first time. He said he wants to help attract more businesses to the city, where he says growth of popular amenities has been limited during the recession.

"We have limited choices here," he said. "We have no Trader Joes, things like that. Why should our residents have to drive somewhere else for businesses like these? Why do we have so many vacancies in our storefronts?

"Murrieta is a great place. We can do better. The federal and state government preempt so much of our tax dollars. We're in a financially induced coma. We must cut through the red tape somehow."

Finding a way to do that is a challenge for any politician. Ingram said the first step is to attract business development that will increase the local tax revenue base, which leads to improvements in roads and public safety. It also makes the community more attractive to residents who might otherwise drive elsewhere for amenities.

"A good rule of thumb is, 'It's not what you make, but what you keep,' " he said. "If our dollars go elsewhere, we're not doing our job.

"Commuting is definitely an issue. We have traffic problems in Murrieta that adversely affect the quality of life here. Being on the other side of the counter, I have some ideas about what will remove the red tape and get things done."

Ingram would also like to see the proposed development in the so-called "Golden Triangle" become reality. Planned on a 64-acre parcel at the confluence of the 15 and 215 Freeways, this project originally was billed as one of the major mixed-use developments in Riverside County. But disagreements over the type of businesses for the center and other factors have left the plans on the drawing board.

"It's time to end the bickering and get it built," Ingram said. "It's been 20 years. We need more shops, dining areas, and we need more revenue for the city coffers.

"We'll never be Temecula or San Diego, but we can encourage development in an efficient manner."


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  1. Readers may think I am biased reading what I have to say being that I am his daughter, but I can't not say something publicly. I could rattle on and on about how great my Dad is. But I dont have to. I think that a testament to who he is as a man is his family, the successful businesses he's built, and the charitable kind heart that he has. He moved to Murrieta to get away from the horrible anti-business, red taped to the nines politics of Los Angeles to settle in a great suburban community where his daughters could plant roots and raise families. After being stationed with my husband in El Paso Texas for the past few years, I have seen the very worst of local city government politics and I dont want that for Murrieta. Having seen the way things work in both Los Angeles and El Paso I knew that the only option for us after getting out of the Army and starting our family with the arrival of little Johanna would be to start our married and family life in Murrieta. It's safe, it's clean, it's residents are some of the kindest and loving I've met. I dont want to have to go back to Texas ever again but there are days I feel like we may never have any other choice with the way things are going in California and I dont want what's happening in Los Angeles to ever happen in Murrieta. You have a clear choice here in my father. A loving family man who understands the value of business and appreciates small business owners. A man who will help keep Murrieta thriving and safe. And a man who will keep his office door open 24-7 for you. I dont think you can ask for better than that in a candidate for public office.

  2. I would like to hear more about Jonathan Ingram for Murrieta City Council. When I moved to this city 10 years ago I was told Murrieta was a booming City that was on the move. I love this City but have not seen much in growth compared to Menifee and Temecula. I want to see how this candidate proposes we get my home town back on the track to prosperity.



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