Is the Mill in Murrieta Haunted? We Found No Evidence

Editor's note: With Halloween approaching, the staff of Murrieta 24/7 went searching for haunted houses -- or other structures. Here...

Editor's note: With Halloween approaching, the staff of Murrieta 24/7 went searching for haunted houses -- or other structures. Here's staff writer Jillianne Hayes' first-person account of a trip to the old KEA Mill near Old Town Murrieta: 

Local residents and ghost hunters have determined that the old KEA Mill in Murrieta is extremely haunted. I volunteered to examine this claim, as I am unfortunately acutely susceptible to abnormal occurrences.

How appropriate to cover this kind of a story right before Halloween.

The Mill was used for grain production and closed in the late 1900's. There were stairs leading to the top of the tower. However, sometime in 1994 the building caught fire and the stairs were destroyed. There is a basement, from what locals have told me, but it appears to be mostly sealed off.

The perimeter is now sealed with a chain-link fence, topped with barbed wire. During the day, the feeling I got was "this building is an accident waiting to happen."

The outside is dilapidated, charred from fire, and showing signs of father time. There are words scrawled across the front that say " KEA MILLING."

On the very top of the building there are other words visible. "Jesus" can also be seen on the walls flanking the open windows at the top. On the last space of wall between the "U" and "S", the tiny word "Satan" is scrawled.

There is a legend about a 15- to 17-year-old apparition who guards the building. As the legend goes, the girl wears a blue dress, has medium-brown shoulder-length hair, and resides on the ledge of the second window. People in the area have said you can hear her crying.

All of the existing entrances have been sealed up because of the vandalism. Photos show an entry point where the door is rotting, and behind it,  you can see bricks sealing off the entrance. It certainly has a very creepy feel, but I heard and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Just to the right of the building, you can see a space on the ground where planks of wood cover what appears to be grain storage.

Jim Stewart, a local Murrieta resident, has vivid memories of the place.

"We used to be able to walk around in the old mill, all the way to the top, actually," he said. "There is a basement too, but they've sealed off the entrances because of vandalism and the death of a little boy. Apparently, he fell down into the basement and died because of his injuries."

We were not able to find information confirming a death occurring at this location.

I am certain the location appears much more ominous at night to most people. I took a trip back there with my family at night time to see what all the fuss was about. We saw nothing, and we felt nothing. In fact, the Old Mill reminded us of the Hollywood Tower of Terror. It's creepy, but not any creepier than Disneyland.

It is possible that apparitions exist in this location, but there was nothing that materialized to suggest so while we were there.

Have any of you been inside the old place? We'd love to hear your stories. Email your responses to


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