Essential Ink Ensures State of the Art Sterilization

Advertorial Supplement: Health and safety are top priority at Essential Ink, which is why they use the very best sterilizers in the busi...

Advertorial Supplement:

Health and safety are top priority at Essential Ink, which is why they use the very best sterilizers in the business. All piercers are required to use a sterilizer, also called an autoclave, to render their tools, needles, jewelry, and supplies safe for piercing. However, not all autoclaves are created equal, which is why Essential Ink insists on using the highest quality Class StatIM G4 autoclave for all of their sterilization.

The StatIM G4 is a cassette autoclave, allowing for Essential Ink's piercers to sterilize their client’s piercing implements and jewelry right before it will be used. They are able to test the sterilizer using a sterilization integrator complete with their client’s initials on it. This ensures there is never any doubt whether sterile equipment was used on a particular procedure, because there is actual evidence of each sterilization before the customer is ever even pieced. Assuring peace of mind and quality care every time.

The StatIM sterilizes jewelry and instruments for immediate use in as little as 6 minutes. The removable cassette facilitates aseptic transport of unwrapped instruments directly from the machine to the point of use, which keeps the contents sterile until just moments before the procedure.

Clients can take this opportunity to select the initial piece they will be pierced with from the extensive selection of high-end body jewelry, which will then be put through the G4 ad made ready for the procedure. Although the high end selection of jewelry does come with an additional cost to the already affordable piercing service price, this option gives individuals with metal allergies an opportunity to enjoy the art of body piercing in comfort and style.

Essential Ink’s body piercer has over 40 hours of continuing education in all aspects of the art including wound healing dynamics, oro-facial anatomy, stretching (gauging), client home care, modern surface piercing techniques, body anatomy and ergonomics. The Association of Professional Piercers provided the training and courses. In addition their piercing expert also writes educational blog posts on the shop’s website, so check out the Piercer’s Corner to get the inside scoop on aftercare, infections, and more important information.

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