Chaparral Defeats Mesa on Fontillas' Buzzer Beater

#22 Joshua Rennick drives in, scoring on a layup with 3.5 seconds left in the game to Mesa the lead After battling their way back after ...

#22 Joshua Rennick drives in, scoring on a layup with 3.5 seconds left in the game to Mesa the lead
After battling their way back after being down most of the game, Murrieta Mesa High School's boys basketball team took a 1 point lead with 3.5 seconds left, only to lose 46-45 to Chaparral High School at the buzzer on captain Jared Fontillas' running jumper.

Down as many as 8 points in the third quarter, Murrieta Mesa (8-13, 0-5) was never behind too far to give up on the game. For most of the game they never trailed by more than a couple of shots, but never took a lead until the end of the third quarter. Even then, they were only able to hold the lead for a total of 24 seconds. After retaking a lead at the start of the fourth quarter, they could only hold that lead for 16 seconds.

"We tried a lot of different matchups to create matchup problems for them," Murrieta Mesa's Coach Antwan Dela-Paul said about his team's second half effort to comeback.

With 35 seconds left and down by 1, the Rams took possession of the ball after a Chaparral (10-12, 1-4) turnover. Running the clock down to 3.5 seconds, Joshua Rennick hit a layup to give the Rams a 1 point lead. The clock ran out, but several Chaparral players were calling for timeout after Rennick's basket. After the referees talked for a minute, they placed 3.5 seconds back on the clock and possession of the ball back to Chaparral.

#12 Routh takes the ball to the hoop
Trying to get the ball to Fontillas, Jonathan Holloway tossed the ball to him from out-of-bounds, but Rams' sophomore Anthony Routh tipped the ball, sending it out-of-bounds with 2.2 seconds left.

Taking a second try at it, the Pumas passed the ball inbounds again to Fontillas, who dribbled the ball past Rennick and Routh at halfcourt, and took a running 15-foot jumper with Justin Little contesting the shot. The ball sailed through the hoop and the gym erupted. Teammates and fans dogpiled on top of Fontillas.

"We got another game Friday," Coach Dela-Paul said when asked what he would tell his players after the disappointing loss. "We can't worry about this now. It's over. It's a done deal."

The game was a physical matchup between the two Southwestern League teams that were still searching for their first league victory of the season. Throughout the game, the sounds of slapping and the faces of players on both teams unhappy with referee no-calls of fouls was prevalent. The rough play of both teams led to players hitting the floor and probably several players who will be sore when they wake up in the morning.

Rennick led the Rams in scoring with 14 points and fellow Rams' captain Bryan Phan scored 11 points. The Pumas were led by Fontillas and Markel Wilson, who scored 10 points each.

On Jan 30, the Rams return home to take on the Nighthawks (9-11, 3-2) of Murrieta Valley.
Chaparral players and fans dogpile on top of Fontillas after he hit the game winning shot
#11 Bryan Phan leads Mesa on a fast break for 2 points
#11 Phan of Mesa blocks a shot by #30 Holloway


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