What is SunPro Solar?

Advertorial Supplement: SunPro Solar is a local solar design and installation company providing southern California with reliable and tr...

Advertorial Supplement:

SunPro Solar is a local solar design and installation company providing southern California with reliable and trustworthy solar services. Solar energy uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity for your home. With the world’s growing concern for environmentally friendly energy options, solar offers an infinitely renewable resource that can generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.

SunPro custom designs and installs solar systems offering roof or ground mounts as well. Most solar companies only offer roof panels, but SunPro is unique in that they will custom design a system that works with your existing set-up or even build you something to facilitate your solar system, such as a shade covering. If you don’t want the panels on your roof or you have a roof that is not south facing, then SunPro will help come up with a plan that can utilize your patio covering and even your land if you have it.

Some new homes can take advantage of integrated photovoltaic materials which are built right into the building material itself, primarily windows, roof tiles, or walls. But for existing homes solar panels are the best option. Even for new homes SunPro has worked to add to the existing system on a home, which helps lower the homes Edison bill by adding more panels to the existing system.

On average, with a combination of your new solar system, energy efficient appliances and light bulbs you can expect to save thousands throughout the life of your solar system.

The whole planning, configuring, and custom ordering for your homes system is efficient and seamless. The actual installation typically only takes a few days. After approval from your electric company and your system is officially “on” you are on your way to huge savings. So the entire process really is a pretty easy one. Relying on the experience of the SunPro professionals ensures your solar experience is a positive and stress-free one.

Not only are they experts in their field but also passionate about the solar energy revolution which is evident in their work. Helping to preserve the environment with the newest solar panel technology, they are also able to save families thousands of dollars. A solar system is a sound investment as it begins paying itself off instantly upon installation and immediately adds its cost in dollars to the value of your home.

With the highest third party certification for solar installation they bring their recognized professional quality to you home with a quality guarantee as well.

There’s no better time than now to get started on your own home’s solar system. Give the friendly team at SunPro Solar a call and see what solar can do for you.

34859 Frederick St. Suite 101
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Phone:(951) 678-7733
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