American Idol Winner to Perform in Benefit Concert

News release from Red Buffalo Media: Lee DeWyze is finally playing the type of music he feels deep in his heart. The season 9 winner o...

News release from Red Buffalo Media:

Lee DeWyze is finally playing the type of music he feels deep in his heart.

The season 9 winner of "American Idol" will combine his passion for his own music with his excitement for giving back on Friday when he and three other former "Idol" stars perform live at Pala Casino in a concert that will benefit Murrieta’s Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment & The Arts.

Joining DeWyze will be "American Idol" alums Blake Lewis (season 6 runner-up), Elliot Yamin (season 5), as well as Didi Benami (season 9 finalist), who will also serve as emcee for the evening.

DeWyze is always touring and is taking a break for the upcoming show, one he is excited to be a part of, because he’s bringing with him music he believes in.

"When you believe in something, when you are pouring your heart and soul into something that is you inside and out, that’s always going to bleed into the live show, or the studio," DeWyze said. "I feed off of an audience. The live show is where I can really put it all out there. I love singing for fans. Even when it’s just me and a guitar, it's an exciting show, moving from acoustic to stomping on a kick drum. I love performing and really looking forward to performing this benefit."

His songwriting talents are on full display on his latest record, "Frames," which has garnered praise from some of the top music news outlets in the world, such as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Music, Rolling Stone and more. He also made a dent across other mediums with television shows like "Nashville," "Reign," and "Hart of Dixie", which have featured his music in broadcasts, and he really picked up traction when "The Walking Dead" picked up DeWyze’s "Blackbird Song."

That talent for songwriting, he said, started early and developed over time.

"I'd say I fell in love with songwriting as a kid, mostly of other artists (Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Beatles, etc.)," DeWyze said. "Songwriting is more thought-induced than singing is for me. When I sing I just, sing. But when I write, I generally have a thought, and emotion, a story I want to tell, which probably takes more time.

"I will say though, sometimes a song is just a song. Because I like the melody or a particular rhythm. Even when you’re a kid singing songs is just fun, not because of the content, just because it's fun to sing a song. Not every song needs to be a deep story I wrote on a napkin at 4 a.m. at a diner, you know? I do love telling stories and sharing my experiences through music, and always try to connect with a listener one way or another."

While touring, like any good musician, DeWyze is always working and this summer is no exception.

:I'm currently working on my next record in the studio," he said. "I don't want to say too much, but I will say I'm very excited to get my new music out there. I have my own studio now, which makes writing and recording easier than ever. We will be touring all summer."

DeWyze is looking forward to the June 5 concert and hopes to give his fans a show to remember.

"I hope they have a good time, and walk away wanting more," he said. "Especially when there's a meet and greet. Getting a chance to meet fans is always exciting. But mostly, I want them to walk away having had a good time. The show is for them."

Of course, DeWyze will get something out of his performance as well.

"I believe giving back, and doing what I can to help is important for many reasons," he said. "It's more than just showing up and playing. It's much bigger than myself. But if I can lend my name, or music to help others, I will always try. It makes me feel good to help others, bring people together through music is one of the best ways."

Lee DeWyze & Friends

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 5

Where: Infinity Showroom, Pala Casino Spa & Resort, 11154 Highway 76, Pala CA 92059

Tickets: $15; $40 limited four-pack; $55 VIP Meet and Greet

Purchase: 877-946-7252, 800-585-3737, 951-677-5599,



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