Murrieta Residents Thank Fallen Marine for His Service

A city message board greeted the funeral procession for Sgt. Eric Seaman as it entered Murrieta Wednesday night. Murrieta 24/7 photos: Do...

A city message board greeted the funeral procession for Sgt. Eric Seaman as it entered Murrieta Wednesday night.
Murrieta 24/7 photos: Doug Spoon

The true spirit of patriotism was evident on freeway overpasses up and down Interstate 15 and especially all along Kalmia Street and Washington Avenue in Murrieta Wednesday night as Americans showed their national pride and their respect for a fallen hero returning home.

The body of Sgt. Eric Seaman was transported by police escort from San Diego International Airport to Murrieta, passing under freeway bridges filled with people holding American flags. The white hearse carrying Seaman, who died during a humanitarian mission with the U.S. Marines in Nepal May 12, was accompanied by limousines with family members and escorted by police as well as about 200 American Legion Riders on motorcycles.

Thousands of residents waited more than two hours on the streets of Murrieta to pay their respects, holding flags and flashlights as darkness fell. Seaman's body was taken to the Murrieta Valley Funeral Home, where it will remain until his funeral Friday in Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium.

"It's been on the news everywhere," said Murrieta resident Lloyd Triebsch (left), who was holding a large American flag as he awaited the procession. "We have a local man who's donated a lot of his life. He's only 30. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

" He's done a lot to help the people of Nepal and to defend our country. This is the smallest gesture we could do, to stand vigilant as he returns home."

Mayor Harry Ramos was among those awaiting the procession.

"As sad as this day is, I'm proud to be an American," Ramos said. "This is what America is about. We're a small community, but look what has happened today. I feel very bad for the family, and I wonder if all these people standing here in some way eases what they're going through. I'm proud to do this."

Murrieta City Council member Jonathan Ingram was encouraged by the turnout of thousands of residents.

"It's amazing to live in a community where we have so many patriots standing out here to welcome one of our fallen home," Ingram said. "It's overwhelming. I look and I see our young Marines and our children. Look at the diversity we have here.

"And this man was providing service. Not only did he serve his country, he also served humankind."

Judy Walker and her husband Eric of Wildomar watched the procession with their young grandsons Brody, Chase and Jackson. Brody, the oldest, proudly wore his Cub Scout uniform as the boys sat quietly awaiting the procession.

"We're trying to teach our grandsons to respect the USA and our military; we come from a military family," Judy Walker explained. "We want our grandchildren to grow up and respect everything about our country."

Here is Murrieta 24/7's video tribute to Sgt. Eric Seaman, whom we thank for his service to our country and to others around the world:


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