City Approves Plans for Huge CarMax Facility in Murrieta

A developer's illustration depicts the CarMax facility to be built on Madison Avenue south of Murrieta Hot Springs Road. The Murriet...

A developer's illustration depicts the CarMax facility to be built on Madison Avenue south of Murrieta Hot Springs Road.

The Murrieta Planning Commission on Wednesday unanimously approved plans to bring one of the national's largest CarMax facilities to a 46-acre site near the junction of Interstate 15 and 215.

The complex will be built on vacant land between Madison Avenue and Interstate 15 and just south of the Walmart located on the corner of Madison Avenue and Murrieta Hot Springs Road. It is expected to bring 250 jobs to the city and will be the regional hub for more than a dozen CarMax facilities in the area.

CarMax is the nation's largest retailer of used vehicles, having sold nearly 600,000 cars last year, according to Heath Kennedy, who represented CarMax in its presentation to the Planning Commission. Unlike most CarMax facilities, this one will include a large building in which to conduct weekly auctions of vehicles -- not to the public, but to licensed car dealers only.

Because of the storage of auction vehicles and the facility's high turnover rate of vehicles, traffic projections allow for as many as 180 car carriers (trucks) per day to come in and out of the complex. A traffic engineer representing CarMax said that estimate was intentionally set high, and was based on a similar CarMax facility in Maryland.

According to the city staff report, the increased traffic will not seriously impact traffic flow in the area and is not expected to cause overflow of the lengthy left-turn lane on westbound Murrieta Hot Springs Road between the freeway and Madison Avenue.

There will be four security gate locations and two driveways leading from Madison Avenue to the lot and past four other small parcels fronting Madison. The complex will be surrounded by a six-foot wall, with landscaping and trees preserving a visually appealing view from the freeway, according to the developer.

Standard hours for a CarMax facility are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but part of the facility will remain active 24 hours with shifts devoted to car service on the back of the lot. There will be a total of 715 parking stalls for the auto inventory, employees and guests.

"This is a top tier company coming into Murrieta," said commissioner Anthony Casadonte. "I fully support this. I would've liked to have seen somewhat different landscaping for visual purposes along the 15, but I'm not going to put a damper on the enthusiasm here."

"I'm in favor of this project," said commissioner Jeff Kirshberg. "The sales tax generated by this will be a fantastic addition to the city."

City planner Cynthia Kinser said the project must receive final approval from the City Council only because the proposal includes an amendment to remove from the city's general plan two streets planned for access to parcels that are now absorbed into the larger facility. The amendment also would remove from the general plan two proposed bike trails through the site.

No timetable for construction has been announced.

Plans submitted by the applicant show the location of the CarMax facility.


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