School District Honors Murrieta Students of the Month

Contributed content: Standing, left to right: Paul Diffley, MVUSD Board Member; Jen Pham; SOM Chair; Margaret Jones, SOM Chair; Patrick E...

Contributed content:

Standing, left to right: Paul Diffley, MVUSD Board Member; Jen Pham; SOM Chair; Margaret Jones, SOM Chair; Patrick Ellis, Murrieta Chamber of Commerce CEO. Sitting, left to right: Kelsey Bogner (Springs Charter School); Jenna McKinnon (Vista Murrieta High School); Micah White (Creekside High School); Jessica Kim (Murrieta Valley High School); Kylee McBee (Murrieta Mesa High School); Not pictured: Emmanuel Coria Bugarin (Tenaja Canyon Academy.
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Outstanding students at high schools in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District were honored by local officials recently for their accomplishments.

Murrieta Mesa High School senior Kylee McBee maintains a 4.05 GPA. Kylee has a genuine love and appreciation for other people and she wants to impact other people’s lives. After losing a family member, Kylee said she learned that tomorrow isn’t promised and it’s important to take advantage of every day and enjoy the people in your life. Kylee makes it a point to encourage her friends, classmates and teachers. Kylee plans to become a teacher. She will attend CSU Fullerton, where she will major in dance, minor in math and obtain a teaching credential. Kylee is passionate about dance and her goal is to someday provide free dance lessons for under-privileged youth.

Creekside High School senior Micah White came to Creekside in his junior year. Coming from a military family, Micah moved from California to Hawaii, South Carolina, Georgia and back to California. The family’s frequent moves were difficult for Micah, however, he said he learned that everything is temporary so he had to made the best of his situation and work hard so things will work out for him in the future. Micah is very creative and he started designing his own clothes several years ago. He plans to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and go into business for himself. He hopes to one day create his own clothing line.

Vista Murrieta High School senior Jenna McKinnon is one of the top students in her class. She maintains a 4.5 GPA and has taken 11 AP and Dual Enrollment classes. Jenna is the Vice President of California Scholarship Federation and a member of National Honor Society. She is also the captain of the varsity tennis team, writes a monthly column for teens in Bear Creek Living, serves as an intern for Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez and traveled to China to attend the National Medical Conference of Future Doctors. Jenna wants to go to either Notre Dame or Johns Hopkins for her undergraduate studies and major in Biology. Jenna was born with a slightly cleft lip and she had to undergo two surgeries. Jenna is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field in plastic surgery and she would someday like to open her own private practice and provide medical care to children in underdeveloped countries.

Tenaja Canyon Academy senior Emmanuel Coria Bugarin was unable to attend the Student of the Month breakfast because he was undergoing cancer treatment. Emmanuel was described as a humble and quiet young man who never gives up. He is a hard worker and he maintains a 3.5 GPA. Emmanuel never complains about the impact his illness has had on him. Emmanuel must travel to Mexico several times a month for treatments. He said It doesn’t matter how bad things are as long as you don’t give up. Emmanuel has the will to survive and he perseveres, hoping to one day become a translator.

Springs Charter School senior Kelsey Bogner has maintained a 4.0 GPA in the independent study program. Kelsey is a perfectionist who has a great work ethic and who exhibits self-discipline in her studies. She has put in the effort and time it takes to succeed. Kelsey is interested in pursuing her education and a career in the medical field. Kelsey is known for going the extra mile. She has a great heart and character and she is loving and kind. Kelsey provides support to her friends and family. Although Kelsey has had to overcome several tragedies in her life, she said she has learned to be grateful for the support of her family.

Murrieta Valley High School senior Jessica Kim maintains a very busy schedule. She has taken over 23 AP and IB classes and with a 4.5 GPA she is second in her class. Jessica plays tennis and she is on the Science Olympiad team, where she has won several medals at the competitions. Her involvement in Youth in Government has taken her to Sacramento several times. Jessica is the founder and President of the debate team at her school and she is on the Mock Trial team. Jessica is also on the Claremont McKenna College Debate Team. Jessica has inspired several people on campus; she is an amazing go-getter, hard working and cares about others. Through debate, Jessica found her voice, overcame her shy nature and became adept at looking at problems from several perspectives. Jessica plans to go to either Claremont McKenna or one of the Universities of California and she plans to major in psychology and neuroscience.

If you wish to learn more about the Student of the Month Program, please contact Sally A. Myers, Founder, at 951-506-8024. If you are interested in sponsoring the Student of the Month program, please contact Margaret D. Jones, Chair of the Murrieta Student of the Month Program, at 951-677-4856.


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