First Murrieta Arts Council Event a Huge Success

Murrieta Arts Council board members, from left: Casey Jurado, Jessica Large, Brandy Foote, Peter Thorwarth, Michael Valentine, Reggie Wadl...

Murrieta Arts Council board members, from left: Casey Jurado, Jessica Large, Brandy Foote, Peter Thorwarth, Michael Valentine, Reggie Wadlington.
Photos courtesy of Murrieta Arts Council

Story by Tory Wadlington, freelance writer

On April 28, Murrieta was expecting gray skies and cold rain, but instead was treated to lively music, vibrant colors, and excited locals. The Murrieta Arts Council, a new community organization, held an Earth Day Arts Walk in the historic part of Murrieta.

This was their first official event and it was a great success. Locals and visitors who were in the area stopped by to check out the various paintings and sculptures, chat with the artists, and even grab delicious Scottish shortbread from McLaren's caravan. Word quickly spread of the fun event and soon Washington Ave was crowded with curious citizens and lovers of art.

The art was spectacular, ranging from beautiful paintings of landscapes to a newly invented spray paint style called "space-scapes," which is a barrage of loud colors coming together to show the beauty and complexity of the universe.

"It just screams character," said the innovative artist. "Space is like liquid, so I imagine it to be this vast ocean."

Other unique styles included acrylic paintings of celebrities, custom portraits of families and beloved dogs, and hand-carved aluminum paintings that were so mesmerizing people had to force themselves to walk away from the presentation.

One artist who was generating a lot of popularity was Eric Yandell. He uses cardboard to make trees and other designs, framed by fence-board, that showed "grace and necessity." Inspired by a Biblical scripture, he uses his gift to reach people and it definitely did not go unnoticed at this arts walk.

The beautiful paintings, carefully constructed sculptures, and excellent musicians who sang and performed were just the beginning of what MAC hopes to support in the community. They visualize open mic nights, concerts, dance shows, live theater and more. The sky is the limit.

Considering that this was the Murrieta Arts Council's first official event and how rewarding it was for attendees, Murrieta citizens are already looking forward to the next time they can watch others express themselves and indulge or expand their appreciation for the arts.

Don’t miss the Murrieta Arts Council's next free event on June 14. It will be a Community Forum on the Arts. Everyone is invited to come tell MAC about their efforts, to express their wish list and to discuss ways to support arts and culture in Murrieta.

For more information, visit the official website at www.MurrietaArts.Org, where you can sign up for their newsletter.

Katie Mizak and friends were harmonizing at the Murrieta Arts Council Arts Walk.


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