Lane, Seyarto win Murrieta City Council seats; Ramos out

Randon Lane (left) and Kelly Seyarto won the two available seats on the Murrieta City Council in Tuesday's election. Murrieta 24/7 photo...

Randon Lane (left) and Kelly Seyarto won the two available seats on the Murrieta City Council in Tuesday's election.
Murrieta 24/7 photos: Kristen Spoon.

Incumbent Randon Lane and former council member Kelly Seyarto led a field of six candidates for two Murrieta City Council seats, winning election to the council in results announced early this morning.

Lane, who is serving as mayor this year in the city council's rotating system, led all candidates with 10,332 votes, or 26.41 percent of the total votes cast. Second was Seyarto, who received 8,969 votes, or 22.93 percent. He previously served on the city council from 1997-2006 and was a member of the city council that appointed Lane to the Planning Commission.

Finishing last among the six candidates in the voting was current council member Harry Ramos, who was removed as mayor by his colleagues in October 2015 following accusations of sexual misconduct against him. Ramos announced in August that he is suing the city over his removal.

Seyarto, who said he experienced similar troubles among city council members in his previous terms, said he looks forward to serving on a city council he believes will be united in its efforts.

"There's always been issues with people on the council I've had to work with," Seyarto said. "It will be nice to get on there with five people who want to work really hard. I know we have that now.

"That's one of the reasons I ran. I felt like if I could get in there ... I had the experience my entire previous time on the council of that type of environment, where people are fighting against the city, almost. Not everybody was working toward the goal of making the city better. It blew up and became a huge issue. Having that real world experience of how bad that can be for a council is something good for me to bring 10 years later. It was a learning curve.

"I hope from this experience that Harry learns that it's not about everyone else all the time. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror. I hope he sees this and is a bit humbled by it to the extent he has a little bit of introspection. I think he's a good person. I just don't know if he accepted any mentoring from any of the other council members that maybe could've headed off some of these issues."

Lane also said he looks forward to a council he believes will work well together.

"We'll have a council that is firing on all five cylinders -- a council that can work together and get some things done," Lane said. "Unfortunately, there's been a lot of negativity in the press the last few years with Mr. Ramos. But now we have a strong council. The citizens have made a clear decision on who they want serving on their city council, and we'll be moving forward accordingly."

Lane said he got about three hours sleep Tuesday night, turning in only after removing his campaign signs until 2:30 a.m.

"After the first three (returns) came pretty quickly, we saw kind of a trend and we felt pretty confident," he said. "Obviously, you never stop worrying until it's 100 percent reported. I saw the newest numbers around 3 o'clock."


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