City of Murrieta suggests ways to donate to Texas victims

The following information is provided by the City of Murrieta for those wishing to donate to the victims of the disaster in Texas: With u...

The following information is provided by the City of Murrieta for those wishing to donate to the victims of the disaster in Texas:

With unprecedented rains and historic flooding, Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread damage beyond imagination in several Texas communities. Hundreds if not thousands of people will return to find their lives and livelihoods disrupted and cities will struggle for many months to provide even basic services. Many of you may be asking what you can do to help out, but finding the right outlet to help isn’t always clear or easy.

The City of Murrieta would like to encourage you to assist those in communities affected and would like to extend a number of safe ways to donate and help those affected now. Here are a few ways to get started:

Donate Money: The American Red Cross is a trusted and reliable resource to donate to in times of disaster. It is currently accepting donations on its website by clicking here.

Food: Consider donating money to a food bank. This will allow them to use your donation most efficiently. The Houston Food Bank is accepting donations on its website.

Help People with Disabilities: Portlight Strategies facilitates projects involving people with disabilities, including post-disaster relief work. The organization is accepting donations here. In addition, The Texas Diaper Bank, based in San Antonio, works to meet the basic needs of vulnerable babies, children with disabilities, and seniors. It focuses on providing partner agencies with diapers and goods.

Donate Frequent Flyer Points: Southwest is collecting Rapid Rewards points to donate to partner organizations, such as the American Red Cross. These organizations are directly involved with disaster relief in areas affected by Harvey, and points donations can enable relief workers and volunteers to travel to areas in need. Click here to donate frequent flyer points to Harvey relief efforts.

Donate Blood: The need for blood is almost always greater after natural disasters, but the need nearly always exists. Find a local blood drive here. (The City of Murrieta is working with the American Red Cross to organize a Blood Drive in the coming months.)

Medicine and Supplies: Americares provides emergency medicine and supplies to people in desperate need of aid, medicine and basic supplies. You can help by donating on its website.

Help Animals: To help rescue efforts and provide supplies to animals suffering from the disaster, visit the Houston Humane Society or the San Antonio Humane Society. The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has set up an animal emergency response hotline (713-861-3010) and is accepting donations on its website.

There are a number of other organizations that are seeking donations. As you consider clicking a link to donate to a Hurricane Harvey charity, do your research to avoid being scammed. Charity Navigator, which identifies worthy charities, has a handy list of organizations that are responding in the aftermath of the storm.


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