Dignitaries, 250 guests gather to pledge support of Ingram

Paid political content: Murrieta City Council member Rick Gibbs voices his support for Mayor Jonathan Ingram (right) in his re-electio...

Paid political content:

Murrieta City Council member Rick Gibbs voices his support for Mayor Jonathan Ingram (right) in his re-election campaign.

Murrieta Mayor Jonathan Ingram kicked off his campaign for re-election to the Murrieta City Council Sunday with an event attended by about 250 guests, including local and regional dignitaries and other supporters.

The event, hosted by BMW of Murrieta, was attended by State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez; Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley; Murrieta City Council member Rick Gibbs; Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn; former Murrieta Mayor Kelly Bennett; and many others. Many additional guests signed forms pledging their support of Ingram, who has led the City of Murrieta in several new accomplishments in his first term.

"Murrieta is on the move," said Ingram, at left with Ashley. "We're generating revenue for our city and showing people we're open for business. People and businesses are attracted by the quality of life here. "

During Ingram's term on the City Council, the City has overseen a valuable extension of the Clinton Keith corridor, the opening of Rady's Children's Hospital and a new Kaiser facility, four new hotels and the opening of the Innovation Center, which helps entrepreneurs develop new businesses. At the same time, implementation of the Old Town Specific Plan is helping pump new life into the city's historic area.

"One of the things staff and I have accomplished over the last four years is that we have a big pair of scissors and we cut through red tape," Ingram said. "We encourage and we want people's business.

"Our goals for the next term include completing the project of bringing a Costco here and developing the Keller Road interchange by Loma Linda University Medical Center, which will allow people quicker response time for that facility. We have the ability to keep the resources we have and provide them for many years to come."

Ashley paid tribute to the impact Ingram has had on the area, not just in Murrieta but regionally.

"I've been watching and working with Jonathan for a long time," Ashley said. "He has helped solve a lot of problems that were holding us back. He served on the Riverside County Conservation authority with me. I could not believe how hard this man worked. All the tough problems we had, we put him on them and he solved them.

"He worked collaboratively; he's not a bulldozer. He's been very strong in his effort, he's very fair, and he's done a wonderful job."

Ingram also represents the public's interests on a regional scale by serving as chairman of the Republican Party of Riverside County.

Gibbs has worked alongside Ingram on the City Council and is one of his strongest supporters.

"In the 13 1/2 years I've sat on the Murrieta City Council, no one has accomplished more in 3 1/2 short years than Jon Ingram," Gibbs said. "He has an intellectual curiosity about everything, he has does his research on every project. He's well versed in whatever subject. He was a builder and he brings that knowledge not only theoretically of how things get built but he's laid pipe and he knows what it takes to make that structure rise out of the ground.

"Lastly, he's got the drive and determination to make our way of life better for all of our in the City of Murrieta."

Melendez spoke about Ingram's determination and thoroughness in doing his job.

"Jon has always done his homework about projects and how they will affect the city, which I love about him," Melendez said. "I want to offer Jonathan the highest endorsement I can give. You can tell by all the people who are here how much support he has."

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Jonathan Ingram is supported by California Assembly member Melissa Melendez. 

Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn (left) and Edward Sauls show their support for Jonathan Ingram.

Supporters lined up to sign paperwork endorsing Jonathan Ingram for re-election to the Murrieta City Council.


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