Murrieta II Fitness 19 will help you stay in shape this summer

Advertorial supplement: The Southern California summer heat is here and your body should be in the healthiest state it can be in to thriv...

Advertorial supplement:

The Southern California summer heat is here and your body should be in the healthiest state it can be in to thrive in these summer temperatures! No matter where the season takes you, physical fitness should be both a priority and an escape while braving the SoCal sun.

Which is why Murrieta’s Fitness 19 is the perfect one-stop shop for all of your summer needs. Fitness 19 is ready to get you in shape and glowing, and keep you healthy all summer long.

Despite the favored beauty of the gym, Murrieta Fitness 19 offers a bumper plate lifting area, kettle bells, incline and decline bench press, and both bosu and medicine balls, TRX machine, chin-up bars, and Olympic style equipment, among much more.

Since the heat may prevent your outdoor workouts, Fitness 19’s indoor football field style turf area can be used to beat the heat, while still enjoying some of the perks of outdoor training.

And while summer schedules tend to get jam packed, Murrieta’s Fitness 19’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operating hours meet the needs of even the busiest calendar.

Not to mention, focused workout classes start as early as 5 a.m. daily and carry through to the evening all week long. That means members have ample time to get in before the heat hits, or in the evening when the day starts to cool.

From Kickboxing and Cycling to Zumba to the Silver Sneakers program and yoga, classes of all types and difficulty levels are readily available to members, at nearly all times of the day.

With summer in full force, the timer may be running down on the body goals you set for the season. But don’t panic, because the staff at Fitness 19 are there to help.

A Welcome Workout comes with each new sign-up, pairing you with a trained fitness instructor who will help you get to where you want to be, right from where you’re starting.

Individual one-on-one training personalizes your fitness journey, while giving you a mentor to keep you on track and motivated all summer long. Gym’s can be daunting, but at Murrieta Fitness 19 the trainers are focused on ensuring each member feel comfortable, prepared, and at home in their facility.

If personal training isn’t for you but are still seeking that extra care to detail and guidance along the way, Fitness 19 even offers small group training, which gives you the benefits of personalized training, while still being encouraged within a group setting.

With a detailed work-out plan and healthy living guide, the instructors at Murrieta Fitness 19 are eagerly awaiting your arrival to keep you on track of your summer 2019 goals. Drop by Murrieta’s Fitness 19 to talk to one of their highly qualified team members to get you started right on your summer body goals today!

Fitness 19 Murrieta II
39530 Murrieta Hot Springs Road
Murrieta, CA 92563
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